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With Kulotec infrared heaters you heat up your rooms with cutting-edge technology, and environmental awareness but most important comfort-oriented 

With increasing awareness of our environment, and particularly against the background of global warming, it is important to us to pay attention to the environmental impact in our everyday operations, such as the heating of our residential and business premises. We are obliged to take action now in favor for the next generation. The immense CO² burden of inefficient gas and oil heating can be avoided. In addition, the limited resources of raw materials such as oil or gas can be conserved. Thanks to an efficient and modern infrared heat wave heating system combined with electricity from wind, water or sun-energy you can already today heat your apartment, your home or other premises totally CO² neutral. With Kulotec infrared flat heaters, invisible plaster / drywall heaters or decorative glass and mirror heaters we are providing a full range of infrared heaters.

See how it works

Infrared heaters do not heat the air but all bodies and surfaces in the room in contrast to all conventional heating systems, which are based on the principle of convective heating. Analyzing this fact alone you will understand the advantages of infrared heaters. It is not important whether one looks at infrared bulb heaters, infrared flat panel heaters or other infrared heaters. The distinctions are to be considered only in the application and the resulting energy cost.
See here the differences at a glance and recognize the benefits of infrared heating systems:

For more information about the operation of infrared heaters also visit the following pages: function of infrared heaters and function of infrared heating.

Kulotec infrared heaters offer you everything you expect from modern heating systems

Based on our special efficiency concept our infrared heaters offer in addition to the outstanding efficiency many advantages which will give you a completely new heat experience.
  • Infrared heating panels are a lifetime maintenance-free
  • With an infrared heater you heat up not the air, but all the surfaces in the room, from the walls to the ceilings, floors and furniture
  • Long-lasting storage of heat in the surfaces and slow release of heat into the room
  • Infrared heating panels provide maximum energy savings through efficient conversion of electrical energy into thermal radiation
  • Infrared heaters provide more comfort and well-being
  • Infrared heat promotes health and enhances overall well-being
  • Infrared heaters give your room a particularly high-quality appearance through a combination of high quality surface materials and a very space-saving design (only 15mm mounting depth). Image heaters are infrared heaters with photo motifs on aluminum or glass front and they give your room the desired atmosphere. Even a completely invisible installation of heaters is possible through the plaster heaters which you can integrate into your drywall or suspended ceilings.
  • Suitable as a full heating, additional heating for individual rooms or flexible solution for extra heat
  • Simple and very flexible in assembly, the Kulotec infrared heater can be mounted easily on walls and ceilings thanks to the low depth of the heating plates. It is also possible to use the infrared panels with a stand as auxiliary heater.

For any purpose the right solution - infrared heaters from Kulotec

The variety of products allows you to find the right infrared heater for any application, for any room and also for any specific locations.
Even if you want to heat your premises energy efficient and future-oriented with infrared, we offer a wide range of flat infrared heaters for every conceivable application. Whether you want to install a mirror heater, an image heater on aluminum or glass, a timeless aluminum heater or even an invisible solution in the form of a plasterboard heating is entirely up to you. Apart from the technical aspect that all of our heaters are available in various sizes and power ratings, the aspect of a simple configurator to calculate the heating requirements makes infrared heating easy as never before.
See the details and technical data about our infrared heaters:
  • Kulotec ALU Lite Series: Extra efficient all-round heating. Well suited for domestic use but also for offices and other locations. Infrared heating with the ALU Lite's series means enjoying efficiency at all levels: affordably priced, extremely economical to operate. More about the heater series ALU Lite
  • Kulotec ALU Premium Series / ALU Premium S series: The classic, timeless infrared heating. Whether Premium or Premium S in the narrow case, those heaters perform everywhere well. If you want to heat business premises, living spaces or recreation rooms or workplaces with infrared, infrared heaters of the Premium series are probably your favorite. More about the series Premium ALU / ALU S Premium
  • Kulotec ALU Power: The infrared heaters series ALU Power offer new possibilities. You want to heat work or sales space with a direct-heat-concept particularly efficient? Or you have to heat rooms with ceiling heights of more than 3 meters and want the heating plates mounted on the ceiling? With the power force of the Series Kulotec ALU Power there will be no problem. More about the infrared heaters series ALU Power
  • Kulotec glass / glass S series: The most elegant way to heat infrared is to heat with infrared heaters of the glass series. In addition to various sizes and types and the particularly narrow S series infrared glass heaters impress by the variety of colors available. More about the series glass / glass S Infrared heaters
  • Kulotec plaster / drywall series: Invisible infrared heat with the plasterboard heaters from Kulotec. You integrate these heating in your drywall walls or ceilings. The plaster heaters are available in 2 versions: Readymade 12mm plasterboard Pre-mounted heaters or as retrofit panels to glue on your drywall plasterboards. More about invisible infrared heat with plaster heaters
  • Kulotec mirror series: The tinted Kulotec mirror heaters are available in various sizes and power ratings, so that for each application the right mirror heater is available. Whether hall, bedroom, bathroom or commercial premises, for each we have the right solution. More about Kulotec mirror heaters
  • Kulotec image series: The image heaters of Kulotec are available in glass or aluminum premium. We provide diverse images or take your own photo, which we anodize on the alu heater or use a special printing process on glass, which prevents fading of colors. More about the Kulotec image heaters
  • Kulotec grid ceilings heating: For suspended grid ceilings, we have developed 2 infrared heating systems. You get this screen ceiling heating optional with white washable front on plaster, or as models with higher surface temperature with white aluminum surface. More about the infrared heating of grid ceilings series of Kulotec

Safety sets the standards

In addition to the tests by TÜV and UL, there are the outstanding characteristics of infrared heating panels from Kulotec that contribute a significant portion to your safety. Following our efficiency concept we have the surface temperature lowered to about 72 ° Celsius and thereby increased the surface area. So you can heat more efficient and face no danger of burning. This makes Kulotec infrared heaters for your children completely safe. Heating with infrared technology heat the surfaces in your rooms and the increased temperature in walls, ceilings and floors avoid the risk of damp walls and mold formation is inhibited. Infrared heaters set new standards; can your heating match that?

Kulotec - experience the heating of the next generation today!


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